Gina Smigel has over twenty years of experience in the printing industry. She knows a thing or two. 

During this time, she has:

§  Built a successful business from scratch, with nothing other than tenacity, grace and badassary.

§  Navigated economic downturns and huge corporate contracts with equal composure.

§  Served a diversity of clients ranging from fleet decals for large corporate companies to birthday banners for the neighbors. 

§  Helped others in the printing industry to establish their business.

§  Raised her amazing son as a single mother, weathered his deployment in Afghanistan and watched him thrive as a brilliant young man with a career of his own - who also inherited the bug to ride and has a street bike of his own.


Early on in her career, Gina recognized the value of being of service to others and she has always known the importance of her personal freedom.  Fast forward to now and Gina’s greatest joy lies in helping others to achieve their personal freedom and business success through the services she provides at Elevate Printing Solutions.

Gina takes a great deal of satisfaction from seeing her client’s success.  Her favorite moment is seeing the delight on their faces when they receive that first official promotional product proudly displaying their brand.  For many people, this moment marks that first feeling of ‘I am official!!!’.  Gina still remembers her first, ‘Yes, I finally did it!’ moment and feels so grateful every time she has the opportunity to offer that gift to another and enable them to distribute their branded products and share the passion of their company.  Gina wants to make sure that this moment is special for you, which is why she is always willing to communicate, easy to chat with, always ready to brainstorm with her clients and will do her utmost to see you succeed. 

I really love that part!!!  And my promotional products are about sharing this love… this love for your business, the love for your clients and this love for your vision going out into the world!

Ok.  So I’m obviously done with talking about myself in the third person!  So…Hi, I’m Gina!  And I’m here to provide you with amazing products that get your name out to the world and create buzz around your brand! Your business is special and the world needs what you have to offer.

I have a sense that you have ideas that are brewing.  Please call me directly so we can chat about your business, brand and goals or if you’re feeling shy, how about using one of these fun facts as a conversation starter:

I’m a badass biker babe!!! (or so I'd like to think) -  I have been riding since I was 9 years old. What better way to feel the freedom than on a motorcycle?  I’ve packed promotional items and ridden in 9 states and by no means am I done yet. I have been to Sturgis and Babes Ride Out which is one of the most incredible events I have ever been to! There’s nothing like it! They wind on my body, the tunes in my ears and no agenda!

I am owned by a beautiful and crazy Sphynx cat with bright green eyes named Kyro. Too bad I can’t get him to ride on the bike.

I believe that Chips and Salsa is an Entrée and sometimes you should eat dessert first.

Ok enough about me...Let's talk about you!

So drop me a line and say HI!  I love meeting interesting and passionate people, and I may want to put your brand on a bottle opener...or a travel mug...or... ;) 

Phone: 619-537-7726  Email:

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